Nowadays, Printers have been a daily requirement for any working professionals. Each office requires printers now. They range from a few thousands to even millions based on the usage and brands. Top brands in printers that are widely used are HP, Canon, Epson, etc. The kind of technology you use in your office can make a big difference in terms of productivity. If you want to reduce downtime and improve both efficiency and output, consider upgrading your printer technology with a modern printer from Glitz.

The average small business loses as many as 400 hours per year on minor printing problems that could easily be avoided. Upgrading your business technology requirements with new small office printers could be the key to solving your company’s problems with downtime and it could provide some significant financial benefits. While inkjet printers offer good versatility and they are inexpensive to purchase upfront, they simply aren’t the best option for most modern businesses.

Small business laser printers offer a wide range of benefits and useful features that can help your business grow. With printing speeds up to 50% faster than inkjet, laser printers can help your company reduce downtime and maximize productivity. Laser printers also offer a competitive price per page because the average toner cartridge for a laser printer lasts for 1,500 pages, compared to just 150 pages for an inkjet printer cartridge. Additional bonuses for laser small office printers include reduced maintenance requirements and no drying time for ink.